Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Name

My first and middle names come from family members. My first name, Lily, is in honor of my paternal grandmother, Lillie. My mother met both of my dad's parents before she met my dad. In fact, my grandmother Lillie encouraged my mom to date my dad. My middle name, Katelyn, is also an homage to my aunt, Cathy. My mom is 7 years younger than her oldest brother and so knew his first wife for a majority of her childhood. My mom and Cathy were very close. Mom like the idea of giving me family related names while still changing the spelling to fit a new person. Mom went with "Katelyn" because everyone in our family has a "y" and she felt that the spelling made the most sense.  My sister is named for my maternal grandparents, and I am named for my paternal grandmother.

I love my name. It's rare, meeting another Lily. I also like the unique spelling of my middle name (not Caitlin or Kaitlin or Catlin or Catelyn or Kaitlynn). My name is me.

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