Monday, October 15, 2012

Lesson Planning Blog Post #2 521

My overall lesson design and planning incorporates knowledge of the teenage brain by incorporating rewards and excitement, as well as time for movement. Students like being rewarded, so we often do light, safe competitions with one side of the class room versus the other side. Points go up on the board and that side gets bragging rights for the week. Furthermore, we have a large number of clipboards so that students can get up and use them at any time if they feel restless. They are encouraged to use the clipboards and stand in the back or walk around the room if they are feeling tired.

My overall planning for learning is designed to access memory lanes through movements and music. Students listen to music while transitioning and we often refer to certain posters on the wall during class. Adolescents learn through referents and recalling information; it is the teacher's job to find ways to make the knowledge stay in the long term or active memory.

My students are engaged in learning through working in groups to discuss their answers and through getting up and walking around.

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